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Jeff realized that one insurance carrier couldn’t meet the needs of so many different families and situations. So he began to meet and select from overseas insurance providers, choosing only those with the best reputations and most solid financials. From these providers, Jeff would offer only the best plans in terms of benefits and price.

internetJeff was an early adopter of the internet, which gave him the ability to connect with teams and organizations overseas. This commitment to technology, as a way to bridge the gap, helps families overseas get clear, honest answers on a confusing or frustrating topic. It is one reason why Good Neighbor has such high rankings on Google, and our name is recognized worldwide.

Jeff has instilled absolute honesty and integrity into our ethos as the business has grown. And from our beginnings until today, the core value of personal communication and personal touch has been a part of everything we do. In Indonesia, everything is done through relationships. Upon moving back to the states, Jeff quickly realized that America was beginning to forget that important value.  So you’ll notice that we answer our phones in person so you won’t have to leave a message. (unless you are calling from six or more time zones away!) And we don’t use telemarketers.

Most of the staff Jeff has hired to help our clients have lived and worked overseas themselves. So helping others overseas is personal for them. And that caring spirit and active interest is expressed daily with customers.

Jeff is married and has three sons: Doug, Dennis and Dusty.

Jeff continues his legacy in Southeast Asia through a non-profit that he helped create in 2003 to work alongside of Indonesians.

He speaks and writes Indonesian, some Madurese and some Javanese and tries to visit Indonesia once a year.

Jeff can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (480) 813-9100.

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